Chris Joseph

Short and (Not) Sweet: The Bitter Aftertaste of Ambiguous Contracts

On April 22, 2020, the Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeal (“the Second Circuit”) held a contractor liable to the owner for his defective performance as well as project completion costs after his termination. The ruling stemmed from a contract that included ambiguous provisions and terms. While consistent with other Louisiana court holdings, this holding should serve as a reminder that contractors should carefully draft their construction contracts. [Read More…] 

Employment Arbitration: Blessing or Burden?

Instead of utilizing the court system, many employers use arbitration to resolve disputes that arise with a disgruntled employee. The employment agreement itself may contain a provision that specifies the right to arbitrate, or the employer may have a separate document that outlines this choice. But what exactly is arbitration? More importantly, what are the benefits and burdens of choosing arbitration? These are questions every employer should consider. [Read More…]