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Surety & Insurer Representation

Represented surety following United States Army Corps of Engineers termination for default of surety’s principal on a drainage project located in New Orleans.  Negotiated completion agreement between USACE, surety, and completion contractor in which Corps waived the statutory prohibition against claims assignments, allowing surety to assume prosecution of its principal’s claims of wrongful default before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeal.   Proper positioning of the surety ultimately allowed it to settle the claims with the USACE.

Represented surety of defaulted contractor of large public housing project.

Represented surety of defaulted carpentry and drywall subcontractor for armed services barracks facility.

Represented surety in action against its agents which improperly issued certain Customs anti-dumping bonds beyond the authority granted to the agent and failed to report all of the issued Customs bonds to the surety.  Also assisted in defending the surety against Customs’s claims against the bonds.

Represented insurer against university claiming water intrusion issues on mid-rise dormitory.

Represented surety in claim of defective and incomplete work on Veterans Administration hospital.

Represented surety in nickel sulfide inclusion (defective curtain wall glass panel in high rise building) cases.

Represented insurance brokerage in large claim regarding allegedly fraudulent remedial work on apartment complexes related to Hurricane Andrew.

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