Partner Adrian D’Arcy Participated in Irish Government’s Launch of Program to be the US/European Legal Hub

Partner, Adrian D’Arcy, participates in Irish Government’s launch of its program to be the US/European Legal Hub


In March 2019, Adrian D’Arcy, along with other select Irish-born, American based, lawyers participated in the launch of a joint venture by the Irish Government and the Irish legal industry in Washington D.C. to make Irish Courts as a possible jurisdiction/venue for disputes involving American and European companies.

With Brexit set to trigger the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, there is a possibility that any judgments issued by an English Court may not be enforceable in the European Union. Also, with the United Kingdom’s exit, Ireland will be the only remaining country in the European Union with an English-speaking, common law system.




Among others, participating in the D.C. launch in March were the Chief Justice of the Irish Supreme Court, Frank Clark, Kenneth Murphy, President of the Irish Law Society (Solicitors), Micheál O’Higgins, leader of the Bar of Ireland (Barristers), Gemma Allen (Irish Development Authority), Oonagh Buckley (Deputy Secretary, Department of Justice & Equality) Ciara Murphy (Bar of Ireland) and the Irish Attorney General, Séamus Woulfe.


The Irish legal community is setting itself up to be the new venue choice for American companies doing business with European companies and the D.C. launch was just the beginning of the ongoing effort. And, Irish lawyers, such as Mr. D’Arcy are assisting this effort.