Shields Mott Attorneys Live Teleconference Seminar on Construction Defect Litigation

On March 28, 2019, Andrew Vicknair, partner, and Adrian D’Arcy, partner, presented a national live teleconference seminar on Construction Defect Litigation.

Andrew Vicknair                  Partner, Shields | Mott LLP

The seminar provided participants an opportunity to walk through the profoundly complex and often emotionally-charged construction defect dispute – from defining a defect, determining liability, uncovering insurance nuances, and taking a case to trial. By attending the seminar, participants came away with an understanding of how to:

  • Identify common construction defects and examples of each.
  • Learn how to effectively manage liability risk by knowing insurance coverage variations and limitations.
  • Grab the competitive advantage during defect disputes by knowing what the opposing side typically argues.
Adrian D’Arcy                       Partner, Shields | Mott LLP

To purchase an audio file download of the seminar, click here.