Shields Mott Attorneys Live Webinar on Bad Plans and Specifications

On August 21, 2019, Sonny Shields, Managing Partner, and Elizabeth Gordon, Partner, presented a live webinar on Bad Plans and Specifications from a Contractor’s Perspective. This webinar is presented semi-annually by Shields Mott, and participants as far as Hawaii and Alaska have joined in the past. This year, participants came from coast (New York) to coast (California), and places in between: Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, to name a few!

Plans and specifications are the roadmap for the construction of any project: they instruct the contractor what to build. Clear and error-free plans and specifications provide a project with the  best chance of success. Unfortunately, when the plans and specifications for the project are deficient, defective and/or contradictory, there is a strong likelihood of project failure or delay. The live webinar identified what is best to do to keep a project moving while being protected from some of the pitfalls and costly damages that can result from patent or latent problems with the plans  and specifications. The information pointed out how to identify responsibilities and avoid creating additional liabilities.

The webinar was a great success! To read about Lorman products associated with this Live Webinar, and even purchase with a 50% savings, click here.