Shields Mott Attorneys Speak on E-Discovery During LAGC Quarterly Meeting

Adrian D’Arcy, partner, and Laura Avery, associate, were featured as part of the LAGC’s Headquarters Quarterly Report Meeting on February 20, 2019. Adrian and Laura spoke on the subject of e-discovery, or more specifically, on the issue of contractors’ maintenance of electronic records and e-discovery procedure given the new rules and practices that are emerging throughout the country.

You can read Laura’s recent blogs on e-discovery and electronically stored information, “ESI: The Odyssey — Part 1: Know Your Hash Value,” here, and “ESI: The Odyssey — Part 2: A Brief Meditation on Metadata,” here.

LAGC has provided a recording of the Headquarters Quarterly Report Meeting, which you can view by clicking on the picture below. The e-discovery portion of the meeting begins at 12:25.