Sonny Shields Presented at the LSBA’s Annual Arbitration Seminar

On December 5, 2019, Shields Mott managing partner, Sonny Shields, co-presented the Arbitrator Musings – Common Mistakes Litigators Make in Arbitration panel in the LSBA’s annual arbitration seminar. Sonny, along with Dale Clary, Craig Kaster, and Phelps Gay presented the panel discussion which provided attendees practical tips on ways to avoid common mistakes in advocating for clients in arbitration.

The panel was part of the LSBA’s all-day seminar on arbitration: Charting a Course in Unfamiliar Waters –Tips for Winning Your Case in Arbitration. More and more complex cases are being resolved through arbitration.  And with the wide variety of arbitration procedures that are now available, arbitration can be a cost-effective way to resolve smaller disputes too.  Litigators must know how to effectively develop and present their cases in this new type of “litigation.” From picking your arbitrator to closing arguments, this all-day seminar brought together some of Louisiana’s most experienced arbitrators and arbitration practitioners to provide both experienced lawyers and those new to arbitration with the information they need to try their best arbitration case.